541690: Security Consulting

541990: Personal Services

561612: Security Patrol Services

561621: Security Systems

922190: Emergency  Planning


B546: Special Studies (Security)

H363: Inspection Alarm, Signal, etc.

R429: Emergency Preparedness

R430: Physical Security

S206: Guards

DUNS: 966618837




  • Physical Security Modernization Measures

  • Antiterrorism/Force Protection Measures

  • Emergency Management Measures

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental

  • Design (CPTED) Assessments

  • Mission Assurance Assessments

  • Armed/Unarmed Guards 

  • Compliance Inspections

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Electronic Security Systems

  • Inter-Agency Security Committee

       Risk Management Process


  • Maryland Security Guard License

  • Veteran Owned Small Business

  • Crime Prevention Designation


  • Certified Protection Professional


Summary of Core Competencies


Independent Compliance Inspections

  • Conduct comprehensive review & analysis of plans & survey reports to ensure compliance & coordination with policies, procedures, contract and/or supporting documents;

  • Conduct independent inspections (announced/unannounced) to address issue-oriented general, special, or follow-up inspections; 

  • Monitor proprietary and contract guard force training & performance to ensure that the licensee & employees can conform to all current and/or proposed physical security standards;  

  • Provide building-specific, scenario-based training & guidance for guards;

  • Identify other approaches & options that would be most beneficial and financially feasible for protecting local, state. federal government & private sector facilities.

Security Policies & Procedures

  • Develop comprehensive organizational protective services policies & procedures. 

Security Planning

  • Plan physical & electronic security systems modernization projects for your facility;

  • Assist you to design buildings that are safe, secure and can be cost-effectively managed from an all-hazards protection perspective.

Security Request For Proposal Preparation

  • Preparation of request-for-proposal (RFP) documents to enable the competitive procurement of security systems, guard services, & related protection products and services.

Professional Guard Force Management

  • Day to day oversight of Security Guard Force to ensure compliance with with all training & performance standards. 


Emerging threats to government and commercial entities can create significant vulnerabilities and increases both the uncertainty and the risk from adversary operations in the homeland.   Furthermore, we should anticipate that the bad guy will use sophisticated methods to target both government, private sector entities and soft targets associated with friendly forces, including civilian infrastructure, communication networks, and facilities. 

Landmark’s founder understands the challenges of protecting our client’s most valuable assets (people, critical infrastructure, finances and reputation), in this rapidly changing environment.  Landmark Physical Security Services has developed relationships with numerous professionals and organizations representing a wide range of disciplines to help us re-imaging protection strategies for our clients.  As an small independent firm, we are  nimble enough to tailor our engagement with your organization, and we will work side-by-side with your protection team to customize a solution that aligns to your organization’s mission.