Risk Management Process

Criticality Assessment

All Hazards Assessments

Threat Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Physical Security

DoD Risk Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Interagency Security Committee Risk Assessment Process

Schools Physical Security Standards

Security Forces 

Assessment & Management

Training & Exercises

Security Force Operations

Policy & Procedure Review

Critical Infrastructure

Collaboration Efforts

Facility Security Criteria

Protective Measures

Physical Security Plans

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection

AT/Force Protection Plans

AT Compensatory Measures

AT Training & Exercises

AT Program Coordination

Chemical Facilities Anti-terrorism

  Standards (CFATS)

Emergency Management

Emergency Planning

Emergency Response Plans

Incident Management

Multi-Hazard Planning

Included here is a brief summary of the services and functions that Landmark can provide to your organization.


Independent Compliance Inspections

Conduct comprehensive review and analysis of plans and survey reports for compliance with existing policies, procedures, contract and/or supporting documents;

Conduct independent inspections (announced/unannounced) to conduct issue-oriented general, special, or follow-up inspections for acquisition activities, organizations, and functions;

Monitor guard force contractors’ and guards’ performance to ensure that the licensee and all employees conform to all administrative requirements and standards of conduct pursuant to the applicable regulations and the contractual agreement; 

Provide building-specific and scenario-based training and guidance to its contract guards;

Identify other approaches and options that would be most beneficial and financially feasible for protecting local, state and federal government facilities.


Security Policies & Procedures

Develop comprehensive written security policies and procedures for your company or organization. 


Security Planning

Planning of physical and electronic security systems for your facility. Working closely with your facilities staff and/or architect, we help you to design buildings that are safe and can be cost-effectively managed from a security perspective.


Security Request For Proposal Preparation

Preparation of RFP (request-for-proposal) documents to enable the competitive procurement of security systems, guard services, and other security-related products and services.


Professional Guard Force Management

Day to day oversight of Security Guard Force to ensure that the licensee and all employees conform to all administrative requirements and performance standards of conduct pursuant to the applicable regulations, contractual agreement and/or statement of work.