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Landmark Physical Security Services, LLC is a small, independent, minority & Viet-Nam-era veteran owned and operated consulting firm. We possess over three decades of providing protection services to government, non-government organizations. Landmark specializes in providing innovative physical security solutions to complement existing protection resources and services, provide greater flexibility, and maximize protection resources.  We will mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations improve our clients physical security posture.  

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Landmark Physical Security Services, LLC
Founder & Principal




To identify and undertake reasonable and necessary measures to protect your most valuable assets-people, property, and image.

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Landmark Physical Services, LLC was formed in Jan 2022 by Jansen M. Robinson to provide innovative physical security solutions for complex environments.

  • Viet-Nam-Era Veteran

  • Accomplished Criminal Justice/Security Professional

  • Extensive experience in both the public and private sectors

  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration; Undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice

  • Numerous professional certifications, to include the Board Certified “C.P.P.”, designation

  • Member of several professional and civic organizations


For over three decades, he has provided and enhanced safety and security for a wide range of environments such as: chemical, biological, high yield explosives, public housing, education institutions, nuclear power/weapons, and a host of commercial and government facilities.

Do you know that there are “Emerging” threats to government and private sector entities that will create significant vulnerabilities, increase the uncertainty and the risk from adversarial operations in the homeland, as well as the cost associated with a failure to adequately identify and prevent hazards to our most valuable asset’s.


You should also anticipate that the bad actors will use sophisticated methods to target both government and private sector entities, to include soft targets associated with the workforce, critical infrastructure, communication networks, and other mission essential facilities.


What we do to help you counter these threats is provide smart, innovative and efficient solutions to complement existing protection resources and provide greater flexibility.


We will also mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help you improve your organizations' physical security posture.

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